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Do you not own a Bible?
If you live outside of the United States please visit
www.bibleleague.com to receive a copy of the Holy Bible.

NOTE: I do not sell Bibles. I, like you, am on the search for the least expensive printed Bible in existence. If it were up to me every Bible publisher should be required to produce a small New Testament Bible for free. Perhaps every time they sell a Bible a portion of the profits go to producing this free Bible.

We are talking about the Creator of the Universe that inspired over 40 authors over 1500 years to write 66 books that all seem to be pointing to the same theme. That same Creator pierced time, space, and matter to become a created being, Jesus Christ. This Word of God explains who He is, what He's done, and what He has yet to do - namely save your soul for eternity! Everyone should at least read it and consider Jesus Christ as Truth.

  1. Go to your local Church and ask for one.

  2. Go to your local thrift store, St. Vincent de Paul store, Salvation Army store, Goodwill store, used book store, etc. and you can usually find a used Bible there for cheap.

  3. $1 printed Bibles

    If you live in the United States, the "Dollar Tree" franchise sells $1 KJV Bibles. I have been informed from the store manager near me that all stores carry the Bibles and there are stores in every state in the country.

    Search for the closest "Dollar Tree" store near you.

  4. Print your own Bible

    The King James Version (KJV) of the Bible is property of the public domain and is free to download, publish, copy and distribute!

    NOTE: The King James Version (KJV), sometimes called the Authorized Version (AV) was quite revolutionary when it came out in 1611. It is still very popular, in spite of its archaic and difficult to understand language. Indeed, there is a cult-like following of this translation that claim that this is the only true Word of God, superior even to the original languages. While that claim is bizarre, there are a vociferous few people who hold to that opinion.

  5. Free online Bibles

    Yes it is a little tough to read while sitting at your computer for any length of time, but there are some great free resources:

    • E-Sword.net (Online version & downloadable version with excellent free commentaries, dictionaries, and more!)

    • BPBible (packaged as a portable app, so you can take your Bibles with you on your iPod, USB flash drive, portable hard drive, etc. Comes with excellent free commentaries, dictionaries, and more!.)

    • Bible.Crosswalk.com (Online version with excellent free commentaries, dictionaries, and more!)

    • Bible-Explorer.com (Downloadable version with excellent free commentaries, dictionaries, and more!)

If translations are leaving you confused on which translation you should read, check out a basic explanation of the different Bible translations and their reading level.

The cheapest printed Bibles (for bulk deliveries) that I have found to date...
NOTE: I do not sell Bibles.

I'm on a search for the lowest-priced printed Bibles in existence. If you can print and sell a copy of the Bible cheaper than this please contact me.

On this page I recommend three of the most inexpensive Bibles I've found so far. The New International Version is written at a seventh grade reading level and the translation is done thought for thought. The price for each low-priced Bible is listed below, but there are also Bible discounts if you buy in bulk. You will also have to pay a flat rate delivery fee of $3 per order.

To order these Bibles for yourself, please visit IBSDirect.com. If you know of anywhere else that has lower prices, please contact me.

New Testament
Paperback (NIV)
Item no: 1921

Designed with tasteful, contemporary covers, the paperback New Testaments with improved study helps makes an excellent giveaway Scripture to anyone who is searching for spiritual truth. 7th grade reading level.

• Beautiful new cover designs
• New and improved help sections that
  draw the reader to consider God’s
  Word as an unfolding story
• Dictionary/concordance
• Durable binding
• Great value
• Timeline

86 pages. 
Dimensions: (8-1/2"x5-1/8"x1/2")


$0.95 each in cases of 50 ($47.50 a case)

Softcover Shirt-pocket size (NIV)
Item no: 1955

This conveniently-sized NIV New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs edition is so handy you can easily pack one or more in your backpack, briefcase, diaper bag or purse. Its affordable price makes it easy to give away, too! Leather-look cover comes in a choice of three colors for a quality image. 7th grade reading level.

• 512 pages. 
• Dimensions: (3 5/8" x 5 1/4" x 1/4")


$1.60 each in cases of 100
($160.00 a case)

Full Bible
Paperback (NIV)
Item no: 921

Our low-cost paperback Bibles now come with a variety of new cover designs that will increase your ability to attract different kinds of people to God’s Word. New and improved study helps will enable you to present first-time Bible readers with an exciting way of discovering the Scriptures as an unfolding story. Hand out in your workplace to someone interested in spiritual issues or to a neighbor who seems open to talk about God. 7th grade reading level. Other features include:

• Dictionary/Concordance
• Reading plan
• Durable binding
• Great value

861 pages. 
Dimensions: (8-1/2"x5-1/8"x1")


$2.35 each in cases of 24 ($56.40 a case)

Updated: April 8, 2010

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